"I'd better approach the panel in the control room. According to the evacuation scheme on the wall of my room, the control room is in B7."
The Control Room, aka B7, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Control Room can be accessed either through C1 or from the Lobby of Aurora Police Department. It is a small room with a large glass window that overlooks the turnstiles at the entrance to the building. The room is furnished with a long desk with multiple computers facing the window, a thermostat on the wall by the door and a breaker on the other side of the door behind storage shelves.

John Bishop first enters B7 during his dream at the beginning of the game where he attempts to use the breaker to restore the power. After interacting with the breaker he will be attacked by an animatronic and wake up in his office. B7 is entered for the second time after John is woken up by Scott cutting the power, however the room is locked with a four digit code. The code can be found on the body of The Wolf who is found deactivated in C1, however the note which the code is written on has the last number obscured by blood. The player will need to use trial and error to determine the last number of the code.


No animatronic begins in B7, however The Wolf can check in here occasionally if it has already checked the Lobby. The Cat does not have access to B7 through a vent however it can follow the player in here, and The Owl may spawn in here in the middle of the room.